Thursday, 28 July 2016

Craig Curk - Tips to Be a Strong Manager

Craig Curk has served in numerous managerial roles that necessitated a focus on strong supervisory skills to ensure high-quality training. As the regional sales manager at Quad Systems, his first job in the electronics industry, he began to develop a thought process for effective management and says that the following may be valuable for current and aspiring managers.
Craig Curk

Exercising high levels of maturity is essential to set the professional example. Being able to align yourself with the mission and policies of your company is key regardless of the circumstances. Of course, issues occur, and even managers need to complain, but that should never happen with employees.
  • Be honest with workers at all costs. Authenticity, in turn, inspires teams to be straightforward and direct. Fostering a work environment that harbors and values trust is one of the foundational steps to build strong companies.
  • Deal with conflict actively to avoid perpetuating poor morale in the workplace. Sometimes even daily tasks can be challenging and tense, so managers need to diffuse this energy quickly. They must be able to lead the way and push past these issues while leaving a clear path behind them for employees to follow.
  • Engage in intentional one-on-one meetings with your employees to check in regularly, assess performance, and reevaluate a management plan if necessary. Keeping the integrity of these meetings in an organized manner with as little rescheduling as possible helps keep workers engaged and reflective.
Craig Curk is the owner of QC Electronics and serves as the national sales manager at ACE Production Companies.