Monday, 5 September 2016

Craig Curk - Qualities That Goalkeepers Need To Possess

While studying for his degree at Xavier University, Craig Curk played Division 1 soccer as a goalkeeper. This position places a number of unique demands on players that outfield positions don’t offer, which means that those who find success tend to have a number of common qualities, which include all of the below.
Craig Curk


Goalkeepers need to be alert throughout the course of their matches, which can be difficult if their teams have been on the attack for most of the game. They need to watch the play constantly while also being able to communicate with their defenses in order to ensure they stay in shape to deflect threats. A keeper’s concentration level must stay high for the entire duration of the game.

Keepers need to be able to dive all over their goals and penalty areas in order to prevent shots, which means they must have high levels of agility. This is especially important for shorter keepers, as they need to be just as capable of defending the top corners of their goals and jumping up to claim crosses as they are in stopping lower shots.

Strong Reflexes
As a youth soccer coach, Craig Curk helps many goalkeepers sharpen their skills during training sessions. Having good reflexes is crucial to success as a goalkeeper, as you need to be able to make snap decisions while reacting to shots that will often be delivered with a lot of power. Your footwork will be important in ensuring you are in the right places at the right times as well, so make sure you work on this area.