Monday, 11 July 2016

Craig Curk - A Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Equipment

As a business owner in the electronics sales industry, purchasing used equipment can cause anxiety for buyers because it’s hard to be certain of what you’re actually getting, especially if you’re ordering remotely. As the owner of QC Electronics, a company specializing in selling used surface mount equipment, Craig Curk is aware that this can be a trying process, and he recommends that customers take the following steps to ensure a high-quality product.

Craig Curk

Ask as many questions as you possibly can. Misrepresentation happens, and it’s important that you get a wealth of information before making any final decisions.

Request pictures if they are not provided. It’s challenging to assess the condition of a machine even with pictures, but they can point out any significant structural issues. Request photos of individualized parts so that you can study all of the separate components to ensure that you’ll have everything that you need.

Be sure that you understand the return policy before deciding to purchase. This can save you a lot of unnecessary headaches and issues up front if you know that the policy will not work for you.

Inquire about the possibility of obtaining a warranty. Though in many cases this will not work for pre-owned equipment, and most manufacturers will not transfer a warranty, it never hurts to ask.

Consider your source. Has the representative you’ve been communicating with been forthright during your exchanges? Have all of your questions been answered in a satisfying way, and has the company received good reviews by a variety of people?

Craig Curk lives in Kentucky with his family.